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The Entrepreneurial Conspiracy addresses six behaviors that conspire to derail your business. Identifying and managing these behaviors will equip you to leverage their strengths while avoiding their pitfalls.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably heard people say

the way to grow your business is to
stop working IN it and
start working ON it.

That’s good advice,
but it doesn’t go deep enough.

The fact is, your business is a reflection of you, the owner ...

... and the thinking and the behaviors that you bring to leading it.

You want to grow a business that will sustain profitable growth and that will not be overly dependent on YOU. To reach this goal, there are six behaviors that you need to be aware of and manage.

Some of these behaviors are

No Accountability

A leader’s failure to hold themselves answerable to the same performance standards, behaviors, and consequences they expect from others.


Losing focus and constantly shifting the priorities needed to gain traction and reach organizational goals.

Heroic Managing

The command-and-control, my-way-or-the-highway management style that leads to employees being frustrated, burned out, and ultimately, resigning.

blurred vision

Inability to clearly see and communicate the vision of the organization.

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