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A featured writer for multiple trade publications serving the restoration and cleaning industries and twice winning the Patricia L. Harman Golden Quill Award, recognizing the best article of the year published in Cleaning & Restoration (C&R) magazine.


Hiding out from the financial performance of your company or kicking tough conversations down the road in the hope that they’ll resolve themselves have the same effect on your company as driving a car with the dashboard gauges covered You can only operate this way for so long until something is going to break down or you run out of gas. What’s more, hiding out from short-term performance measures may cover up long-term, more serious problems that can destroy your company.


Starting a business is easy. Every month, more than 500,000 are launched in North America. The tough part is sustaining profitable growth once your business moves beyond the start-up phase. Even more challenging is sustaining growth and profitability when your company moves beyond Stage I …

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"Chuck is truly focused on client success thru developing people...Not cookie cutter but truly a consultative, collaborative approach."

Jon Fields – Founder, RestorePro, Inc.

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